Corpus Christi Promoter to Sue Congressman for Pajamagate Defamation

CORPUS CHRISTI –  The owner of a local promotions group says democratic Congressman Solomon Ortiz, Senior has given a new meaning to the term “smear campaign.”

Tony Martinez, who owns Crush Girls, is suing the incumbent Congressman for defamation.

A picture from a birthday party last year for Corpus Christi resident Tellie Wilingham, Jr. has caused a big stir.

Willingham tells us the event also served as a Pajama and Lingerie party to raise money for local charities, but recently the picture raised some eyebrows,especially as the November 2nd election day nears.

Republican Cadidate for district 27′s congressional House Seat Blake Farenthold is decked out in duck pajamas and is surrounded by local Crush Girls in lingerie.

The owner of Crush Girls plans to sue Farenthold’s opponent, Democratic incumbent Solomon Ortiz, Senior for defamation over an interview he gave to a Brownsville newspaper about the photo.

More of the story at the MSNBC web site

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Pajama/lingerie Birthday Party For Charity Turns From Campaign Smear to Legal Action in Corpus Christi

Tellie Willingham Jr was throwing a non political birthday party for the 8th year and wanted to raise some money for charity.  Blake Farenthold was in attendance.  There will be another one coming up.  Dirty campaigning notwithstanding, pajamas and lingerie will still be the preferred attire of the evening.

October 25, 2010 "Pajamagate" Press Conference

Tony Martinez  of the Crush Girls is now planning to file a defamation suit against U.S. Representative Solomon Ortiz.  From the Brownsville Herald.

October 25, 2010 "Pajamagate" Press Conference

April Hunke was at the party with the Crush Girls working for charity,  and has been the subject of the lurid media campaign’s breathless claims  that minors were present.

October 25, 2010 "Pajamagate" Press Conference

Here is congressman Solomon Ortiz posing with the very same Crushgirls his campaign now scandalizes.  I guess he thought they only attended deviant sex parties when Republicans were around.

Congressman Ortiz with the Crush Girls.

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GOP Candidate Farenthold responds To Ortiz Attacks on Pajamas, Fundraisers and the Crush Girls

Farenthold defends pajama party after Ortiz attacks

Blake Farenthold responded to the Dirty Old Man Politics being employed by the Solomon Ortiz campaign in the Brownsville Herald today.

In the meantime, the non partisan Crush Girls, who have become the ‘scantily clad women’ and ‘exploited minors’ in the Ortiz Pajama media blitz have posted on their Facebook Page that they will be announcing a Press Conference very soon to “set the record straight” on “Pajamagate.”

Crushgirls Facebook

The Crush Girls Press Conference will be Monday at 1:45pm October 25
at Pizza State (6133 S. Alameda) – Corpus Christi, TX has been informed that President Bill Clinton is being dispatched to rescue the Solomon Ortiz campaign Monday.   When he finds out that the stories of debauchery and mayhem in South Texas are desperate political hyperbole, will he still come?

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Maybe The Ducks on Farenthold’s Pajamas made him do it…..

Solomon Ortiz’s friends  are presenting a scantily clad defense of the 14 term congressman this morning in the Hill,  as yet another potential ethics breech surfaces.   It seems that earmarks in the federal bills coming out of the House of Representatives are going to Solomon Ortiz’s favorite charity, Solomon Ortiz.

You can read about it here at the Hill Online.


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Farenthold Caught in Picture posing with Ortiz Billboard

No duck pajamas, scantily clad women, crush girls  or fund raisers were involved in the taking of this picture, and the only parties involved are hopefully post election celebrations.

Farenthold Picture pajamas
Photo ‘borrowed’ from

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Democrats seek Mid Term redemption with Farenthold’s duck pajamas

Pajamagate -Dateline October 20, 2010

Poster for fundraiser that launched Jammiegate

Solomon Ortiz's campaign strategy

Another typical story of an American  dressed appropriately to attend a pajama/lingerie charity function in a local night club.  Somebody takes some pictures, and the next thing you know MSNBC’s viewing audience, every one of whom has a blog,  declares Jihad on Republicans, family values,  scantily clad women,   and worst of all…. duck pajamas.  I think we have all seen this before.

No republican congressional candidate in a pair of duck pajamas has ever triggered demand for this product as this one has since Blake Farenthold wore them to a 2009 charity event.

You can purchase your own right now now at The Find.

They are even available for pets!  *

The original photos from Jammiegate taken at Tellie’s 3rd annual Pajama/Lingerie Party for Charity.

Crush Girl Eric Herman bartender and Blake Farenthold

The original image included one of the Crush Girls along with Eric Herman, the bartender AKA 'scantily clad woman' and Blake.

Eric and Blake

The cheeseball Democrats photoshopped Eric out of this photo. Breathless Bloggers claiming these photos were not photoshopped need to contact the people whose likenesses were removed.

This looks like any normal pajama party, sans the ducks of course

If you want to see more of Corpus Christi’s fabulous crush girls and where this story in its  pre political spin form originated , you can go to their web site!

There has been talk in Corpus Christi of a pajama auction for charity….

* is not affiliated with nor entitled to any compensation derived from the online sale of duck pajamas.  Attractive Night club employees in lingerie are not included with any purchase.

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