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Expanding to include Youtubes….

No entries in the Best Pajama Blogs lately because it was almost all cut and paste of the original cut and paste….  Not sure when the link below was posted, but the Daily Kos adds a couple of add ons to what happened for spice. No big deal,  Farenthold is a Republican, and it is the blogging that counts.

JammieGate: A complete guide

It isn’t complete, and the comments are cut and paste from the usual suspects, but it is fresh.

As this internet story took on a life of its own and slipped the surly bonds of reality, nowhere are web critters having enjoying the distortions more than the people who dwell in that Twilight Zone of distorted liberalism, the Huffington Post.

Blake Farenthold’s duck pajamas have now crossed the Atlantic to the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom!   The gal in the picture has morphed into a lingerie model, they are now snuggling, and the Democrats are getting a lot of mileage out of it.   At its current rate of cyber distortion by the time this gets to Eastern Europe, it will be an alien sex encounter!

“Advice for young political players: If you are serious about running for high office, don’t be photographed in duckie pyjamas next to a lingerie model.

Evidently, Texas Republican House candidate Blake Farenthold didn’t get that memo.

The Democrats were getting a lot of mileage at Mr Farenthold’s expense this week, after managing to get their hands on an embarrassing snap of the married father of two snuggling up to a young woman wearing next to nothing.”
Read more:–Texas-candidate-forced-live-politicians-worst-nightmare.html#ixzz12dN4d7Xe

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