GOP Candidate Farenthold responds To Ortiz Attacks on Pajamas, Fundraisers and the Crush Girls

Farenthold defends pajama party after Ortiz attacks

Blake Farenthold responded to the Dirty Old Man Politics being employed by the Solomon Ortiz campaign in the Brownsville Herald today.

In the meantime, the non partisan Crush Girls, who have become the ‘scantily clad women’ and ‘exploited minors’ in the Ortiz Pajama media blitz have posted on their Facebook Page that they will be announcing a Press Conference very soon to “set the record straight” on “Pajamagate.”

Crushgirls Facebook

The Crush Girls Press Conference will be Monday at 1:45pm October 25
at Pizza State (6133 S. Alameda) – Corpus Christi, TX has been informed that President Bill Clinton is being dispatched to rescue the Solomon Ortiz campaign Monday.   When he finds out that the stories of debauchery and mayhem in South Texas are desperate political hyperbole, will he still come?

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