2014 Duck Pajamas Update – District 27 Texas

Congressman Blake Farenthold surfed the anti Democrat Party wave breaking across America to a BIG win over respectable challenger Wesley Reed on November 4, 2014.   For the third consecutive election cycle, the issue of the Duck Pajamas was introduced by the Democrats instead of discussing their bizarre policies.  And for the third time, they finished second in the race. It should be noted though that this tactic has soundly defeated the Libertarians on the ballot in three straight elections.  So they do have that going for them.

In a slight change of strategy for 2014, the challenger adopted a costume, some kind medieval canine look. If the party bosses stay with this, perhaps Duck armor next time?

More Pajama Highlights:

  • The award winning Corpus Christi Caller Times got in on the Duck Pajamas act too by publishing some kind of weird duck political advertisement with the wrong phone number on it.
  • The usual suspects on social media, buoyed by Battleground Texas cash, were very active recycling pajama scorn and outrage.
  • Atheist funny man Bill Maher wandered into the pajama topic on his HBO show until he found out,  among likely voters, Charles Manson could beat a Democrat in Texas District 27.

Even with voter participation low in a mid term election and the Democrats acting unusually peculiar,  it was still a lot of fun.  It is not too early to get excited about 2016 and the much anticipated national return of the Clintons, Benghazi, Saul Alinsky part deux, and the Duck Pajamas of Texas District 27!



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