2014 Duck Pajamas Update – District 27 Texas

Congressman Blake Farenthold surfed the anti Democrat Party wave breaking across America to a BIG win over respectable challenger Wesley Reed on November 4, 2014.   For the third consecutive election cycle, the issue of the Duck Pajamas was introduced by the Democrats instead of discussing their bizarre policies.  And for the third time, they finished second in the race. It should be noted though that this tactic has soundly defeated the Libertarians on the ballot in three straight elections.  So they do have that going for them.

In a slight change of strategy for 2014, the challenger adopted a costume, some kind medieval canine look. If the party bosses stay with this, perhaps Duck armor next time?

More Pajama Highlights:

  • The award winning Corpus Christi Caller Times got in on the Duck Pajamas act too by publishing some kind of weird duck political advertisement with the wrong phone number on it.
  • The usual suspects on social media, buoyed by Battleground Texas cash, were very active recycling pajama scorn and outrage.
  • Atheist funny man Bill Maher wandered into the pajama topic on his HBO show until he found out,  among likely voters, Charles Manson could beat a Democrat in Texas District 27.

Even with voter participation low in a mid term election and the Democrats acting unusually peculiar,  it was still a lot of fun.  It is not too early to get excited about 2016 and the much anticipated national return of the Clintons, Benghazi, Saul Alinsky part deux, and the Duck Pajamas of Texas District 27!



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President Obama Unveils Pajama Boy

Since the Tea Party electoral tsunami of 2010, the Democrat Party has been trying to find a way to compete with the stunning appearance of Congressman Farenthold in his now legendary Duck Pajamas.  To this point their efforts have been futile…  that is until president Barack Obama personally entered the fray.

Launched from the Twitter account @BarackObama, the world was recently introduced to Ethan Krupp, better known in song, legend and photoshop as Pajama Boy!

Obamacare Pajama Boy

Note the air of smug “I live in mommy’s basement” confidence.  While this may be the best effort yet attempted by the Democrats, the private sector photos that lead to this web site still lead in America’s political Pajama Wars.

Remember the legendary 1895 quote by columnist Finley Peter Dunne…

“Sure, politics ain’t bean-bag. ‘Tis a man’s game, an’ women, childer, cripples an’ prohybitionists ‘d do well to keep out iv it.”

President Barack Obama has upped the ante in this current political battle by showing us what he thinks a man is.  Not man enough to rock the Duck PJs though…


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Rose Meza Harrison 2012 and More Pajamas!

The anti duck pajama political campaign waged by Solomon Ortiz while losing his congressional seat in 2010 is back.   Well almost….  While there are no billboards this time, the pajama pictures that launched a thousand quips have resurfaced in Rose Meza Harrison’s 2012 campaign to impugn Congressman Blake Farenthold.

This time it is a sleepwear competition though. Here is candidate Rose Meza Harrison appearing as Wealth Redistribution Santa Claus!

Rose Mesa Harrison

For people who may have forgotten, the Killer D sign is a reminder of the elected Democrat representatives in Austin who ran for the border to escape the Texas Rangers when the redistricting vote was scheduled.  When the going gets tough, the tough go to Ardmore!
Killer D Link

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Solomon Ortiz Concedes – Duck Pajama Campaign…. Bad Idea

Election Day + three weeks – unquoted and unnamed sources have said of the record that the Duck Pajama reelection strategy was really dumb.   Rumors, nothing more than gossip really…. from unreliable sources,  have stated that the idea was hatched by local Corpus Christi political hacks.

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Solomon Ortiz Concedes – Duck Pajama Campaign…. Bad Idea

Election Day + three weeks – unquoted and unnamed sources have said off the record that the Duck Pajama reelection strategy was really dumb.   Rumors, nothing more than gossip really…. from unreliable sources,  have stated that the idea was hatched by local Corpus Christi political hacks.


In a related story, Solomon Ortiz has conceded the election for the 27th District of Texas Congressional seat after a recount failed to change the outcome.

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Well the Political Race that Launched Jammiegate is over

Blake Farenthold is the new congressman from District 27 in Texas, narrowly edging Solomon Ortiz by 799 votes.   The pro duck pajama vote was overwhelmingly Republican.

After the election results were revealed, the duckie pajamas made an appearance at Campaign Headquarters.

Blake farenthold and the Pajamas that launched a thousand quips.

Nostagia podcast Test

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Around the Town in Duck Pajamas?

Sources have informed blakespajamas.com that there was a Solomon Ortiz Supporter wearing duck pajamas out and about in Corpus Christi today…..

The shift in momentum toward Farenthold  in this race apparently has a lot of Democrats rethinking their sleepwear options.

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Greetings to Karen Tumulty and Twitter Followers

Respected  Washington Post Journalist and purveyor of inside the Beltway conventional wisdom, Karen Tumulty, has weighed in with a tweet on our District 27 Congressional Pajama Party in Texas, AKA the Solomon Ortiz reelection campaign!

Staff from the Washington Post, former home of the legendary Woodward and Bernstein, are now slumming on Duck Pajama Blogs….  Jesus Wept.

On the up side, this is the closest the Ortiz Slime Machine has come to getting actual coverage in the Drive By Media.  From a Tweeter, it is more of a Fly over than a Drive By, but still this marks a high water mark for the creators and promoters of Jammiegate.

Drive By Media – sensational, scandal-seeking, and agenda-driven coverage that is typical of the national press corps in America.

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Welcome to the Ortiz Pajama Campaign Blogosphere

Home of the term “Jammiegate.”

From today’s MySanantonio.com

Ortiz fueling ‘JammieGate’ in fight for District 27 seat

BROWNSVILLE — U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz, with 28 years in Congress the dean of the Texas Democrats, is in his 15th bid for election and waging what may be the toughest battle of his political career — against a Republican with little clout but one now famous pair of duck-print pajamas.

At least one poll shows Ortiz losing against challenger Blake Farenthold in the northern end of the polarized district, and analysts see some evidence that Ortiz is nervous.

The rest of the story….

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Corpus Christi Promoter to Sue Congressman for Pajamagate Defamation

CORPUS CHRISTI –  The owner of a local promotions group says democratic Congressman Solomon Ortiz, Senior has given a new meaning to the term “smear campaign.”

Tony Martinez, who owns Crush Girls, is suing the incumbent Congressman for defamation.

A picture from a birthday party last year for Corpus Christi resident Tellie Wilingham, Jr. has caused a big stir.

Willingham tells us the event also served as a Pajama and Lingerie party to raise money for local charities, but recently the picture raised some eyebrows,especially as the November 2nd election day nears.

Republican Cadidate for district 27′s congressional House Seat Blake Farenthold is decked out in duck pajamas and is surrounded by local Crush Girls in lingerie.

The owner of Crush Girls plans to sue Farenthold’s opponent, Democratic incumbent Solomon Ortiz, Senior for defamation over an interview he gave to a Brownsville newspaper about the photo.

More of the story at the MSNBC web site

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